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My name is Prim Young, an experienced Yoga teacher.-

I trained with the London Yoga Teacher Training Group in 1996/7 under Mary Stewart, who was a yoga colleague of Vanda Scaravelli.  I am greatly influenced by the Scaravelli approach to yoga of working to awaken our spines to their original strength

and suppleness.   This is a simple form of non-competitive yoga that uses breathing to aid the movements.  My classes are suitable for all adult ages, all sexes, all levels of fitness including the unfit, and most medical conditions.  I work on calming and clearing the mind using breathing practices and releasing tensions in the body,  I do not include meditation or chanting.

Yoga keeps your joints working well and improves your posture and breathing, thus improving your general health and helping to combat stress and tension. 

You are very welcome to come and try a class to see if it suits you!  Classes cost £10 for 1.5 hours.  Payment in cash at each class. (1.5 hours may seem long. but this includes breathing and relaxation at the beginning and end of the class).

Please ring or text me on 07436 148 480or email me on with any queries you may have, however small, about the classes, clothing, suitability etc.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mrs Prim Young

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"It was genuinely the best yoga class I have ever done - all of my friends were

  raving about it too. We felt so good for the rest of the day."  Daniel, London.

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     WEDNESDAYS  7 - 8.30pm

     THURSDAYS  2 - 3.30pm

Colehill Village Hall (Memorial) BH21 2LR is just off the main road through Colehill, which runs from Canford Bottom roundabout to the Furzehill shop. Turn off to the library down Cannon Hill Road, there is a sign on the main road to "Colehill Village Hall", the hall is next to the library and there is plenty of free parking. It is ten 

minutes drive from central Wimborne. I can send you more detailed directions if you need them. (The name was changed from Colehill Memorial Hall to Colehill Village Hall June 2021.)


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"Yoga should not be a training for body control.   On the contrary, it must bring freedom, all the freedom it needs".

Vanda Scaravelli (1908-l999) "Awakening the Spine"

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I thought an hour and a half would be a long time for me - but the time went really quickly! - Liz

I have been going to Prim's Yoga class for 16 months now and can honestly say that my flexibility has improved no end, as has my balance.  The breathing exercises also help with my asthma.  I would definitely recommend anyone to give Prim's excellent classes a try. - Zena

I have had my first Yoga class with Prim and it made me feel warm and positive... - Ulla

For years I had put off starting Yoga because I thought I would feel self-conscious but both classes are small, friendly and encouraging and I am really glad I took the plunge. Prim's Yoga focuses on the spine, which has positive effects on your whole body. After a few weeks, you start to realise that what seemed really difficult, begins to get easier and that encourages you. Prim encourages you to practice at home when you can and I found Yoga was really helpful during lockdown, physically and mentally. - Christine

I am enjoying my Yoga sessions at Colehill Hall. The class  is a time for self awareness and we are learning postures for flexibility and balance, using the breath to help. I am more energized and happier! - Kathryn

I always look forward to and enjoy Prim's Yoga classes. Then go home feeling great! - Monica

      I have been attending Yoga with Prim for a few months and I find it definitely helps with keeping aches and pains at bay - I work in a desk-bound job, not good for the musculoskeletal system;  my back and s​houlders are where I suffer at times, the Yoga classes definitely help.

I would say the classes also help with stress - I have a busy work and family life, so look forward to the chance to unwind at the classes and have some "me-time" .   I always sleep well after the Yoga class!

I would recommend the Yoga to people of all ages to support physical health and wellbeing. - Sally

   I've recently returned to Yoga after an absence of some years.  I was lucky to discover Prim Young's Yoga classes, in a location and at a time that was perfect for me.  Prim is a very experienced Yoga teacher, providing a well-balanced programme, demonstrating a range of Yoga postures and breathing exercises relevant to all ages and abilities.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and I highly recommend her classes. - Glenies

A lovely relaxed class to help you move and stretch. What's not to like?! - Anne

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07436 148 480

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